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What is Human in the Loop – Augmented AI

Live, Real Time Annotation with Turn Around Time (TAT) of a few minutes

Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning are powerful technologies.  With recent advances in machine learning algorithms, it has become relatively fast, and easy, to train AI, with Human-generated Ground Truth datasets, to do tasks with 80 to 90% accuracy. 

But what happens with 80% accuracy is not good enough for your application? 

Human in the loop, or Human Augmented AI, is a field in AI where humans are involved not only in the initial training phase of Machine Learning models but also in-the-loop in the real-world application of the AI model.  Humans in the loop can augment with AI and fine-tune, verify and deliver near-perfect accuracy to the end-user of the AI model. 

Humans in the loop, augment AI, and convert Artificial Intelligence into Super Intelligence that can be delivered in real-world applications. 

2D Bounding Box Image Annotation for Object Detection

What does a Real-Time, Live Annotation Services Provider deliver?

Human in the loop, Augmented AI requires Real-Time, Live Labeling

Basic Data Labeling Services such as Image  Annotation, Text Annotation, Video Annotation, Audio Annotations, require a Hi-Quality, Accurate, Low-Cost, and Secure Data, solution provider.  Live Annotation demands more than just quality, accuracy, cost, and security. 


Real-Time Annotation requires a 24/7 available workforce that can deliver real-time machine annotation within minutes, with a committed turn-around-time (TAT).  When the end consumer experiences a TAT of just a few minutes with 100% accuracy, the AI feels truly like Super Intelligence. 

How to get Turn Around Time to minutes?

ScaleOps delivers quick turn-around-time (TAT), by employing a large, trained workforce, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  

This workforce is then managed by a layer a middle management that uses our task management software in a way to ensure that tasks are prioritized based on TAT requirements unique to each tasks.

Management is incentivized around not just quality and speed, but TAT minimization.  

What applications is Human Augmented AI useful for?

Error Tolerance, Corner Cases, and Availability to training data decide

Human in the loop Augmented AI used in any of the following scenarios where: 

  1. Where 90% accuracy is simply not good enough. There is a strong need for AI to deliver perfect accuracy. 
  2. There is not enough data at the start to build a high-confidence Machine Learning Model.  Machines cannot learn without being trained with large human enriched datasets to start.  In applications where such large datasets are not readily available to start, one may start with Human Augmented AI model with human annotators serving two critical purposes simultaneously – Delivering accurate results for end-consumers, while, at the same time, generating human enriched training data for AI models to learn and get better with autonomous predictions.
  3. Application with many corner cases – Machines learn by training with human enriched datasets.  In applications with many corner cases, these corner cases may be omitted even in large training datasets.  As a result,  AI not trained on these corner cases will react in an unpredictable, and undesirable, manner.  Putting humans in the loop to verify and fine-tune AI output will enable the AI to deliver while fine-tuning the model to autonomously deliver in the future.

Sample Applications

  1. AI for Loan processing – Perfect accuracy is an imperative, 90%  accuracy is simply not good enough when handing out a loan. 
  2. Autonomous Cars/Trucks/Planes/Ships/Delivery Drones – Perfect accuracy is imperative,  and anything less can lead to loss of life.  Also, these applications can have several corner cases that AI has not yet been trained on. 
  3. Medical AI – When human life is at stake there is no room for error.  


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