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Types of Data Labeling Services

Training Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) models require large datasets that need to be annotated, tagged, labeled, or classified.  This enriched dataset is then fed back to Deep Learning Models and enables AI to discover patterns in the data.  Datasets are typically composed of Images, Video, Audio, or Text.

ScaleOps delivers Data Labeling Services across all forms of datasets.


Image Annotation Services

Image Labeling is a key enabler for Computer Vision based Deep Learning applications. Click to learn more about our Image Tagging Services including Bounding Boxes for Object Detection, Polygons, Semantic Segmentation(beyond just Object Detection), Landmark Key Points, Lines and Splines, Image Classification, Transcription (for OCR+AI+Human projects), and more. 

Natural Language Processing

Natural Language Processing (NLP) is a field of Deep Learning that enables AI to understand written language.  Click here for ScaleOps’ NLP Text Annotation Services, which include Named Entity Recognition(NER), Parts of Speech Tagging (POS), End to End Entity Linking, Entity Disambiguation, Entity Relationship Extraction, Document Classification, Sentiment Annotation and more.

Video Annotation

Tagging and Categorisation,  2D and 3D Bounding Boxes and Semantic segregation for Self Driving cars and other computer vision projects

Audio Annotation

Categorization, Transcription, Sentiment Analysis

Why ScaleOps ?

Deciding to Outsource your AI Model Training is a big decision for any company.  Key areas of concern are around:

  • Data Security: Will my proprietary data remain secure?
  • Quality: Will the annotations be accurate enough to train my model optimally?
  • Cost: Is it going to be cost-effective?
  • Scale: Can I start small? Can I scale up fast?
  • Turn Around Time: I need my model trained ASAP.  How long will this take?

Read below to see why ScaleOps is the best Outsourced AI Training Data company for you.

Data Security

More about ScaleOps Data Security

ScaleOps is a SOC 2 Compliant Data Annotation Company, and employees enterprise-grade security controls to ensure the privacy and security of your data.

  • All annotators are background-verified, in-house, full-time employees; We do not crowdsource or allow remote work.
  • 24/7 Camera surveillance, security guards, bio-metric security based access to the delivery floor.
  • No bags, pens, paper, mobile phones, electronics or USB drives allowed.
  • Firewall and strict computer usage guidelines

More about ScaleOps Data Security


Hi Accuracy

Learn More about how we guarantee accuracy.

At ScaleOps, we understand that low accuracy data enrichment is worse than no data at all.  Our carefully selected, experienced annotators are trained to make the extra effort to ensure that labels are perfect.  Internal HR quality systems assign a share of annotations to multiple labelers to assess individual performance, and use both, sticks and carrots, to control output quality - even at a massive scale. More...

Low Cost

We strive to deliver the lowest costs in the industry, driven by scale efficiencies, automation, task simplification, and training.  We guarantee that you will not find a SOC 2 compliant Secure outsourced data labeling company priced lower than us. 

Elastic Scale

No project is too small, or too large, for us.  For instance, we have launched projects with one part-time resource and scaled up to 800 annotators.   Our ability to take on small projects and scale fast, as needed, is a key differentiator.

Quick Turn Around Time

We can typically start projects with 10 annotators with 24 hours of notice, and scale up to 100+ annotators within 2 weeks. 

With ScaleOps, you can go from the first conversation to data ready model training in record time. 

Turn-Key Delivery

From training and managing your team of annotators to upscaling, addressing questions, and assimilating results, ScaleOps has an efficient layer of middle management that will take you from project requirements to results with little to no effort on your end.  Just provide your requirements and data to your Client representative. We'll take it from there. 

Top Data Labeling Services Company

What Our Clients are Saying

We have been working with Scale Ops for 2 years now and could not be happier with their professionalism and the quality and efficiency of their operations delivery.

Victoria Meakin

President, Ocrolus, New York

Customer is the King

Customer Service is a key mantra for ScaleOps – ahead of profits, and most other values.

Customer Delight is the #1 goal of our Data Labeling Services

Manual review processes simply can’t compete with the speed, accuracy, and cost-effectiveness that ScaleOps delivers.

Sam Bobley

CEO, Ocrolus, New York

Unlike DIY crowdsourcing solutions, ScaleOps offer a fully managed solution delivers on metrics.

Vik Dua

COO, Ocrolus, New York

How it works

Start by scheduling an introductory 15-minute call.   

We’ll start by introducing ScaleOps and layout out our capabilities and credentials.  Any questions you may have around our Data Labeling Services will be addressed at this point.

We want you to experience our professionalism and quality first hand.   Our experts will understand your project, collect necessary data, and set you up for a Free Trial. 

What is Data Annotation ?

Machine Learning Algorithms learn by identifying patterns in large data sets.  An AI Training Data Company, such as ScaleOps, employs annotators who enrich a dataset by adding additional training data that a machine learning algorithm can identify as a pattern.  Examples include Image Annotation (Bounding Boxes, Polygons, Landmark and Key Points, Semantic segmentation), Text Annotation( Named Entity Recognition etc.), Video and Audio Annotation.   Output is typically delivered in JSON, XML, PASCAL VOC, YOLO, or COCO formats. 

Data Annotation Tool

Use our Data Labeling tool, or provide yours

ScaleOps has its own Data Annotation tool that can be used for image, video, Audio, and Text annotation.  We are also open to using providing pure-play Data Annotation Services using any other Data Annotation Tool that our clients prefer.

Key 3rd Party Data Labeling Tool that we have experience with include CVAT, VOTT, Labelmg,, Oclavi,, and AWS SageMaker.

Output formats we typically deliver in include JSON, XML, PASCAL VOC, COCO or YOLO.  That said we are able to deliver in any format ur clients prefer – including proprietary formats. 

Data Annotation Tool

Industries and Applications

AI has transformed many industries from transport and finance to marketing and agriculture.  As an AI Training Data Company, ScaleOps has helped clients in several industries with outsourced labeling services. 

ai in livestock management and AGRICULTURE

AI in MEDICAL diagnostics


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Semantic Segregation

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