Data Security at ScaleOps

Here at ScaleOps, we take the Security and Privacy of Client data very seriously.

Non Disclosure and Confidentiality Aggrements

  • We sign NDA’s with all our clients, and ensure that every item agreed to is respected.
  • All Annotators are full-time employees who undergo a background check, and sign an NDA that precludes tham from sharing any information about ScaleOps, or any of our clients. 
  • Annotators cannot use, copy, pubish, summarize or share any proprietary information, or remove such information from ScaleOps Delivery Centers. 


  • All our facilities are managed by licensed, uniformed security guards 24/7 to enforce all our security policies
  • Our facilities have a clear demarcation between production floor (where data labeling is done), and front office (for finance, marketing, HR, interviews, and other business functions. 
  • No Pen, Paper, Phones, Electronics, USB Drives, Bags, Boxes, etc are allowed on the Production floor. 
  • This policy is implemented by our 24/7 Security guards and monitored via 24/7 Closed Circuit Security Camera surveillance and via random audits. 
  • Strong disciplinary action (usually termination) for non-conformance


  • Client Data is received from clients during project onset is via approved and secure channels only
  • Data sharing protocols are complied with, restricting data visibility to authorized personnel only, which is further tracked to ensure safe disposal of data after necessitated usage. All such data transfers are logged and recorded for auditing and compliance purposes.

    No local storage, all data is centrally stored

    Central storage regularly audited for security


  • As part of indoctrination process, all employees are trained on, and made aware of, the Data Security issues, and protocols.
  • Training re-enforced through layers of middle management, and via training, posters and cultural messaging. 

Employee Background Checks

  • All our annotators are full-time employees; We do not crowdsource or allow remote work from home.
  • All employees go through a thorough background check (including criminal and court searches) prior to onboarding.
  • Only background verified full-time employees, with signed NDAs, have access to any confidential data.


  • ScaleOps is divided into Production Area, Front Office, Server Room, etc. 
  • Access to each area is provided basis Bio-Metric access control only.  We have a centralized system to configure and alter access permissions.  We also maintain a centralized log of all entry and exit into each zone.


Email Security

  • Employees are provided company email addresses only when required. 
  • No Access to private email is available 
  • Email communication on company emails are restricted to other company email addresses only – no emails outside the company allowed. 

Internet access security

  • Internet Firewall Restricted Internet Access on the production floor.
  • We allow access only to sites required for the specific labeling project, Firewall restricts browsing to any unauthorized sites. 
  • All Internet Traffic is monitored with strict disciplinary action for non-conformance
  • Anti-spam, Anti-Virus, Anti-spyware software protection

Zero Tolerance policy

  • Zero tolerance policy for any ethical lapses.  Immediate termination and/or legal proceedings. 


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